Flags for Our Fathers The documented events of the landing at Iwo Jima and the veterans experiences visiting the island 50 years later.

Interview: Don Farrell, The Historian of the Marianas by Ed Propst A look into the drive and experiences behind Don Farrell and his works.

Operation Tearaway & Tattersalls: The Battle for the Northern Marianas Islands Excerpt of 80 pages detailing the Battle fought to wrestle the Marianas Islands from Imperial Japanese control, unto American protection.

Northern Marianas - Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory A tale of exploration and documentation of avian wildlife up and down each island of the Marianas, sailing aboard the ship 'Lions Den'.

Spare The Bullets - Save Our People A documentary of the Muslim Filipino population fighting to establish their place in a Christian Filipino dominated country.

The History of The Northern Marianas Islands Textbook Excerpts and Reviews of the Textbook written by Don Farrell which is used in Schools even today.

A Marriage Made in Micronesia An article about the joint venture and cooperation between United Micronesian Development Association, Air Micronesia Inc. and Continental Airlines when Continental was faced with Bankruptcy.

Hap Revisits Tinian The ceremony and fanfare of the renown ex-General Henry "Hap" Arnold and his return to Tinian, decades after being lauded with securing the Japanese surrender in World War II.

Tinian and the Bomb: Declassified part 1 and Tinian and the Bomb: Declassified part 2 Excerpt from Don Farrell's 'Tinian and the Bomb', detailing the declassified event leading up to the creation and deployment of the atomic bombs on Japan.

Lest We Forget A memento to the battles fought for Guam, the once paradise turned bombed out rock, returned to paradise years later. A thoughtful reminder to what was won and lost.

The Partition of the Marianas, a Diplomatic History The documentation of how Guam was split from the rest of the Marianas and the sequence of events that cemented the separation.

The Sacrifice: 1919-1943 Release Article The initial book review marking the release of Don Farrells third novel in The Pictorial History of Guam trilogy 'A Sacrifice: 1919-1943'.